” Apex hero ” in numerous escape greatly in killing kind of game, show itself, and also take advanced line in domain of group of LGBTQ sex minority. EA and Respawn atelier affirm today, be in ” Apex hero ” in list of part battle array, having two is LGBTQ personage. Make clear in the official figure brief introduction of EA alluded the sexual orientaton of Gibraltar. He once ” the autocycle that stole father with his boy friend goes out to go for a spin ” , can be double perhaps sex loves the homosexual certainly so. In addition, jay Frechette of manager of Respawn atelier community still confirmed role of the 2nd LGBTQ in interview, “Bloodhound is not pure binary sexual distinction, perhaps saying at least is sexual distinction ambiguous. ” ” Apex hero ” part list has very big diversity, besides in front beyond mentioned two LGBTQ role, still having 3 parts is a female, among them two are a black. Most the playtime ability solution that needs a player to pay several hours locks up the white man male of mark sex, perhaps need 7.99 dollars ability to solve a lock. So ” Apex hero ” medium most part is not white man male, political very correct.