“Nuclear fusion 2018 Xiamen stand ” ” Sha wood 3 ” producer bell Mu Yuxian is born in the spot to announce ” Sha wood 3 ” will land WeGame platform, return those who accepted media to interview, the specific content that interview is as follows: Media: At present the development plan of game how? Bell wood makes rich: ” Sha wood 3 ” development is successful now, japanese version is finished already basically, doing English speech transcribe and Chinese this locality to change wait for the job, spreading out smoothly in. Media: To how opening the world to look? Bell wood makes rich: ” Sha wood ” pay attention to reductive and real life very much at that time, I think is an emersion of a few detail in the life, I am in make ” Sha wood 1 ” when game has a theme only or play a way, my idea is to be in same the player can let experience a variety of elements in game, a hero has set all sorts of selections can be done. 3A game is major now it is open world, him feeling was not done in vain (these exploration) . Media: Why should do ” Sha wood 3 ” ? Bell wood makes rich: ” Sha wood 2 ” later many players contact me to say to want to play add to make, in this paragraph of time I am very pained also, copyright budget immature, but players are very enthusiastic, the enthusiasm that is a player moved I, even if you do not give game,some players say, write this novel to say gut is OK also; It is OK to have also the player was mentioned the consideration is used numerous prepared form is renascent this series, initiated on Kickstarter later numerous chip, it is to want to do a dimensions to compare little game at first, later of players numerous prepare very to force, suo Ni also is helped somewhat with Deep Silver, expanded present scope slowly then. Media: Why to choose WeGame platform? Bell wood makes rich: WeGame is China’s biggest Pc play publishs platform, seasoned, thank WeGame. Media: What expects to Chinese market and player? Bell wood makes rich: Hope and Chinese player have more to interact, I like very much all the time to China and Chinese culture, the thing that I consider all experience to communicate a player accomplished game in, cooperating this locality chemical industry to make now, bring everybody game as soon as possible. Media: The plan that Chinese this locality changes how? Bell wood makes rich: Version ground changes Chinese to be in charge of by WeGame, weGame has very professional this locality to turn a group, I special the Chinese version that expects they can offer raw ingredient of a former juice. Media: How does look upon make the impact between the new technology of game and game? Bell wood makes rich: Game must not have very advanced technology, hit an example to say, cook some things are obvious but very delicious, what also a few is do with technical shedding is very delicious, offer more alternative, let what play to be able to play, it is better actually. Actually the concept of every producer game that make is different, with me for 50% it is a technology, 50% it is game sex, I hope to be able to be balanced both. ” Sha wood ” animation producer clear complement goes to Zhuneihong: “: ? Stop think of the dark boil that receive cochlea to make rich helmet of  faithful  records pancreas of border acyl  to hold straw of Bao of Long of  of Ren of O of  foal farring away to kitchen bad scrupulously and respectfully: Xi of  of  of ざ of a legendary venomous insect of bandit of search of Yun of abstruse sprain illicit squeezes Du A close shallow O does not read foal farring away 5 flinch cochlea punishs  to skip  of Ren of O of foal of four of mix of Hao abduct job farring away second pay of angry of Bao of Long of Ci trying Fu spring deceive! ? media: Bell wood gentleman has so much classical game, if have opportunity refashion, which can you choose? Zhuneihong clear: I am a person that is seeking new thing all the time, do not want to do refashion edition, want to make new play to everybody.