Yesterday, taipei international report of 5 days plays by a definite date exhibit already respond to a curtain call. This second exhibit in the meeting, besides the 3A your work of famous game manufacturer, many independent game also gained the attention of numerous player likewise. Compare famous game big plant, independent game group although manpower material resources is limited, but can grind however the work that gives out Jing of a few your people to admire. This report enjoys the work that exhibits independent game to exhibit an area to having a lot of letting that the person is impressive, among them, in numerous exhibit what can have appeared for many times ” yuan can out of control ” exhibited a stage to make independent game division again together distinctive scenery line. Draw wind as delicate and lovely old little all the game of appropriate, ” yuan can out of control ” in exhibit the eyeball that a large number of children attracted on the meeting, got the big thrust of a young player is esteemed, still insisted to combine a film with game. Although game can get of children loving is expected, ” yuan can out of control ” producer Man Honggang is in exhibiting still is cannot help on the meeting the ground spits groove with us: Surround the child so much of view, everybody thinks our game is a game that makes to the child. Of course, this just also is spat spit groove, small after all make up try in first time when playing this game the first closed to be hit just had succeeded to close afternoon, this difficulty still is not done to the child really.
Besides the picture wind of old little sweep the deck, online playing a way also is ” yuan can out of control ” one of window. Because not be familiar with game, the player classics regular meeting with partial slower start dies at all sorts of an eccentric person or map mechanism, and in teammate blood transfusion Ta bring back to life later, big probability Ta can be in 1 minute again in become an impish the lofty spirit of a nation again, “Begged you not to die ” the sad wail sound of and so on is incessant Yu Er. Of course also online to this kind mode compares familiar player, the thing drops after seeing an eccentric person dies natural like entered 上海千花社区

state: Grab chip, grab a weapon, it is the operation of the heart that almost full blood also wants to scratch life even, your small the picture that making up is oneself and little companionate and online time completely at the moment. It is online as expected under, a large ship also turns over you to look, did everybody g上海龙凤论坛sh1f

uess this even if to suffer an injury to still also insist to上海同城对对碰交友社区

ramble the young associate that exhibits the game lover of the meeting to have start to come to him people one fist? ” yuan can out of control ” it is a RPG dungeon that contains Roguelike el上海夜网

ement expeditionary game, the every time experience that the assorted Build between various prop, weapon and embedded chip can let try the person that play was full of new move. Experience game characteristic better to let a player, this second exhibit the version of the meeting to be in bureau prepared partial Build for the player, the player will 上海龙凤论坛sh1f

obtain more chip in toll-gate, equipment and prop comprise a complete Build to answer final and puissant BOSS. Information that the making group that exhibits the game in the meeting leaked hearten of a your person, no less than exhibits what what reveal on the meeting, of game try those who play version to make had neared end, this also means pair of game to raise this head and look to be able to experience game one time personally eventually with the players that long for! Interested player can pay close attention to lower part ” yuan can out of control ” official information waits to try those who play a bag to go up the line informed, believe to try those who play a bag to go up line scarcely is met disappoint of everybody await. [about ” yuan can out of control ” ] ” yuan can out of control ” it is an online and expeditionary independent game that contains Roguelike element, player general and oneself teammate explores新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

the dangerous world that creates randomly together, weapon and embedded chip can let heroes become extremely powerful, rich ground city content and the experience that the many element that solve a lock allows player every time were full of new move.