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network austral Fujian ” Swiss machine ” Siteke from exert child is peak wall slippery drop to already affirmed die origin: ? Detain  thoroughfare?2017-04-30 16:1Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 5 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Mount Everest base camp just transmits the news that makes a person fab:

Swiss machine Ueli Steck this morning from exert child peak wall is slippery fall below, already confirmed death at present.

Control 9:30 this morning, the partner Tenjin Sherpa that he awaits him in 2 camping ground originally an ascend exert child peak wall, but Tenjin cannot travel together with him because of frostbite.

He developed one individual scale.

Ueli is the most outstanding on the world fast climb one of players.

And he often also challenges arduous course, the rope that prevents to fall repeatedly however and equipment are not taken, the error that knows very well any is small is full life of as a result. . .

On the road that heads for Mount Everest base camp our Mount Everest team member also has favour and him to meet, in chatting with his when small country, he ever also said: “This dispute the game of constant danger, a very small error, you can be finished ” .

Just, we fail to expect, he can appear this kind of error.

He from exer上海同城对对碰交友社区

t child peak wall is slippery drop to 2 camping ground, threw a fragment.

Ueli Steck, was born 1976, the faithful executive that A Shipan enters. From bluff of death of 18 years old of challenges boreal wall goes to Ai Gefeng now, be known as ” Swiss machine ” Ueli Steck (Wuli Siteke) , be in this fast climb with the times that exceeds light ascend, use another surprising expression, this motion is pushed to brand-new height, each district of alive bound undertook revolutionary ascend, also be in A Er low this, the area finished Alaska and Badageniya numerous A type ascend. The mixture course of the bare-handed scale that does not use cord protection completely and extreme difficulty is him love most.

Jin Binggao two winners – 2008, wu Li and ascend of partner Simon Anthamatten be located in area of Nepalese the Himalayas, altitude a course of wall of 6500 meters Tengkampoche peak north, this action makes two Alpinist won the award of golden ice axe阿爱上海同城


2012, be in after experiencing episode of Mount Everest brawl, ueli comes to everybody’s eye shot again with the means of single person ascend. This of his ascend is the 10th height of world, altitude 8091 meters Annapuerna, be in south the course that the wall completed place of a forefathers, whole ascend spent 28 hours only, must saying is the 上海千花网交友

example that low Si Shipan ascends A Er.

Achievement – Achievements

Ascend of 2005- single person – wall of north of Qiao Lajie peak (6440 meters) with peak of tower wave Qi east wall (6505) rice

2007- Ai Gefeng fast climb:

2008- creates Ai Gefeng fast involve new record:

2008- creates big tall to pull Si Feng fast involve new record: Be in

2009- creates wall of north of eques阿拉爱上海同城

trian spy flood peak, use close heart line:

Award of 2009- gold ice axe

Course of golden gate of El Capitain of 2009- United States

2009- fast climb mountain range of Kunlun of La of Pakistan noise made in coughing or vomiting to add Shuerbulumu II peak (8035 meters)

2009- Nepalese horse blocks Lu Feng to mountaineer

Course of El Capitain Freerider of 2010- United States

Difficult wall of peak of horse of state of 2011- rare summer fast climb

2011- eminent Ao Youfeng

2012- Mount Everest (without oxygen)

The wall austral graceful peak of Er of general of 2013- An Na fast climb

Award of 2014- gold ice axe

2015- connects Si Shanfeng of Pan Aer low 82

Be in early on May 18, 2012, ueli Steck and partner Tenzing success enter the first peak of top world – Mount Everest, whole journey is not had absorb oxygen. 2013, ueli decides return Mount Everest and want to wear Luo Zifeng repeatedly, but during rising from 2 camping ground in he and additionally two partners, because with Xiaerba person happening conflicts, ascend plans to fail to come true.

He returns Mount Everest afresh this year.

Plan to finish this to make the ascend plan that the whole world fixes eyes upon.

In be interviewed, ueli ever respecting:

“Must have perfect state, weather must outstanding and stable. I think important is to have these idea, final, on mountain 爱上海同城对对碰

peak you must decide those are likely, and those cannot be accomplished. And those cannot be accomplished..

Interview additionally one times, he ever also expressed to join exert child the possibility of the peak, this meeting makes this over or across more special, get sth done without any letup tries without the person before this after all, along Mount Everest of ridge line join, luo Zifeng and exert child peak.

Still feel to cannot believe to now.

Ueli left. . Stayed regretful,

But also left respectable lifetime and achievement.

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