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Cheese biscuit is a kind of bread that makes with cheese, its way is simpler, nutrient value is higher also, generally speaking its quantity of heat is not especially other tall, of course this also is concerned with particular way, if butter is put,pass for example much, at that time its quantity of heat is taller, if want to reduce weight, such biscuit should eat less a few, we see cheese biscuit how be done below.

The quantity of heat of cheese biscuit

Cheese biscuit practice


[biscuit material] : 2 6 Cun Yuan models

Biscuit pink (biscuit pink) pink of 200 grams, cake (low muscle flour)Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

Love Shanghai is the same as city forum
50 grams, fine saccharic 35 grams, milk 145 grams, egg 34 grams, salt is 3 grams, yeasty pink 3 grams, butter 30 overcome

The quantity of heat of cheese biscuit

[material of the stuffing inside cheese] :

Butyric cheese 180 grams, candy pink is 18 grams, bright suckle 20 grams

Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

Love Shanghai is the same as city forum
[outer milk powder material] :

Milk powder 30 grams, candy pink 7 grams


[biscuit makes a method] :

1. general flour, fine saccharicOnNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch
, milk, egg, salt, put into trumpet agitate crock, asperse in flour surface on yeasty pink, butter hind is put.

2.Machine of chef of a person of extraordinary powers on open, the machine that start 1 archives, meeting with low speed agitate 1 minute.

3. next the machine jumps automatically turn to 2 archives, agitate 20 minutes.

4. because this dough water content is high, so dough can be stuck in crock bottom, need not pay attention to not at all.

When 5. comes 20 minutes, and what already changed is smooth, what also change inside the basin is clean do not have flour.

6.Pull a dough with the hand, can pull deeper film.

7.Put room temperature bate, the butter of slice. Open machine 1 archives, low speed agitate is met after 1 minute turn automatically for 2 archives.

8.Again agitate 10 minutes, pull a dough to be able to pull big film.

9. finishs biscuit doughy agitate at this moment, can enter ferment level.

10. takes out dough fall a few times on chopping board, roll pellet form, put a basin inside, last on the lid film, place the place in warmth to undertake fermenting first. 28-30 is spent ferment 1 hour

11. ferments when dough to 2 times big when, touch dry flour to insert dough with finger, dough is not answered shrink, the specification has fermented. Take out dough break up 2 wait for a portion, platoon steam is rounded.

12. takes pattern of cake of 2 6 inches of circles, Forum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
The butter on besmear is prevented stick, put two round dough.

Last on 13. lid film, 40 degrees ferment 40 minutes, turn into till dough 2.5 times size.

14. oven 170 degrees of warm-up, the mould puts ground floor, bake 23 minutes.

15. bakes good bread to be taken out from inside the mould, put on the net that bake air is cool.

16. cuts cheese of cream of room temperature bate small, join candy white, adiabatic water uses dynamoelectric eggbeater agitate is hit, come to cream into breast shape.

17. is divided second a few add bright milk, hit divide evenly with dynamoelectric eggbeater every time.

The quantity of heat of cheese biscuitForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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18. makes good lacteal cheese put freezer to refrigerate 30 minutes.

19. milk powder + candy pink mixes sift out to be in one grail with net sieve.

20. uses biscuit knife to cut cooling biscuit 4.

21. every biscuit, the inter that use a knife delimits 2 cut.

22. uses small spatula to be cheese stuffing besmear in cut, do not besmear too much, lest taste mouthfeel be bored with.

23. again biscuit surface stuffing of the cheese on even also daub.

24. is good besmear the biscuit of cheese stuffing piece in putting milk powder case, both sides touchs milk powder can.