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Arrive as a child big, traditional family of China likes edible dumpling to spend the New Year, perfect action reunions to the implied meaning since, but after old dumpling edible, also many families want to change taste, multicoloured dumpling skin also was rolled out on market, because its glow, use rise acid is sweet goluptious, be full of interest sex at the same time, got of a lot of dot love. Is skin of so multicoloured dumpling what to what vegetable is made and what vegetable is made and become use after all?

 Multicoloured dumpling skin uses what vegetable

One, what is chromatic dumpling

Chromatic dumpling basically is to point to to be added in the white flour in skin of the dumpling that make notNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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With the flour of color, vegetable juice or fruit juice, appear1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Give bright-coloured colour, make these dumpling skins look very good-looking. After joining other raw material at the same time, dumpling skin is more rich nutrition. And the face skin of different color has different taste,

 Multicoloured dumpling skin uses what vegetableForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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2, the dumpling skin facture of a few kinds of color.

Black: Add black ground rice or area of black sesame seed.

Chocolate color: Join buckwheat flour.

Flaxen: Add corn area.

Orange: Add carrot juice.

Emerald color: Join spinach juice or celery juice to wait.

Purple: Add juice of violet wild cabbage.

Yellow: Add gallinaceous yoke juice.

Pale color: Add egg green juice.

Coral: Add tomato juice.

Mo Yu is lubricious: Add aubergine juice.

Gules: Add strawberry juice.

Shallow brown: Add taro juice.

Crystal is lubricious: Add wax gourd juice.

 Multicoloured dumpling skin uses what vegetable

3, the practice of chromatic dumpling

Material: Flour 450 grams (cent share, the scale of flour and juice is 2: 1) , carrot, green vegetables a handful, salt one small spoon, the Chinese cabbage stuffing that has mixed.


1, man will be cut respectively after carrot and green vegetables are abluent, mincing, add a bit water.

2, hit Cheng Rong with mixer agitateLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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, filter with filter spoon, leave juice respectively.

3, divide flour into trisect, add little salt, enter carrot juice slowly among them in a flour, knead to smooth, it is red dough.

4, same method, make it flour is round (add water) with green dough () of green vegetables juice, dough quiet place ten minutes.

5, dough rub hind cut small group, roll circle wraps Chinese cabbage stuffing, the boil after be being boiled into boiled water continues to boil 3 minutes again but.

6, if giving birth to decoct, a bit oil is put in boiler, will unripe dumpling is put, decoct comes bottom is small yellow, again by on the side add a few hot water slowly, the boiler on the lid is built, lest ceaseless rock bowl is papered, close to bottom water portion dry can.