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The odour of caraway is exceedingly special, a lot of people cannot accept this kind of flavour, but if let its match,dish is tasted, can reduce odour, a few caraway can be adorned to come on very much cold dish especially edible, caraway has very rich vitamin C, having precautionary feelingSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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The effect that risk, and pig blood this kind of food also has rife nutrition value to human body, a lot of people also can feed these two kinds material collocation edible. So, what is the effect that caraway fries pig blood?

 Caraway fries pig blood

The first, what is the effect that caraway fries pig blood? Caraway nutrition is rich, caraway is embedded vitamin C, carotene, vitamin B1, B2, still contain at the same time those who abound is mineral, wait like calcic, iron, phosphor, magnesium, its naphtha contains He Fangzhang of aldehyde of manna sugar alcohol, Zheng Kui, Ren aldehyde alcohol, but appetizing wake lienal. Malic acerbity Potassium still is contained to wait inside caraway. The volume of the vitamin C that contains in caraway is gotten higher than common vegetable much, oneForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Kind person edible leaf of 10 grams caraway can satisfy 7 ~ the carotene that human body contains in the demand; caraway to vitamin C should compare the tower above such as tomato, bean, cucumber 10 times much.

 Caraway fries pig blood

The 2nd, pig blood, contain more than 10 kinds of microelement such as rich iron, Potassium, calcic, phosphor, zinc, copper. Often eat pig blood to be able to defer airframe consenescence to improve immune function, the ” rubbish ” that metabolism of clean human body produces, human body ” scavengers ” good name. Often have pig blood already good in quality and cheap in price healthful. Especially the function of old people circulatory system is abate, the hematic flow of a lot of vitals and blood stream speedShanghai night net

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Have reduce apparently, this can have more haemoglobin to make up for in requirement blood. Protein and iron are haemoglobinLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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main component, both in pig blood content is highest especially pig blood still contains the iron of blood red element that absorbs easily to be opposite teenage healthy growth has greater help. Pig blood or natural embellish bowel are aperient food. Anyhow, any food place cannot have the nutrient value of pig blood.

 Caraway fries pig blood

What is the effect that caraway fries pig blood? Kind crowd all but edible. . Caraway has the drawback with caustic person mind, adverse cross-eye, reason cannot be fed more, long feed. . The person that suffer from chill diseases caused by external factors, person that prolapse of the anus reachs inappetence, the person that children goes hives suits; especially. But the person that have halitosis, body odor, serious dental caries, gastric ulcer, unripe wound eats caraway; less caraway sex is additionally lukewarm, the person that hives already was appeared or go out and heat up sluggish of poisonous stop up is unfavorable edible. The measure that make edits 1 fresh pig serum to be washed, cut a 2 carawayForum of Shanghai night net

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Paragraph, abluent 3 green ginger cuts into shreds, add bead of Chinese prickly ash to reserve right amount peanut oil is put inside boiler, burn heat, put bead of Chinese prickly ash of green ginger end to explode sweet put pig blood to break up fry even, add salt to put caraway, continue to break up fry break to caraway unripe can, add bit of sesame oil, gallinaceous energy can go boiler 7 fill dish in edible.