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In the life, have a lot of kinds of flesh kind, basically lean lean, chicken and beef wait, vegetable sort is very much also, these feed material to match at will is to be able to make all sorts of delicate food. For instance beef can be used at frying on the west orchid and cabbage mustard, and lean lean can fry cucumber and cantaloup to wait, these alimental practices, everybody can consult relevant article introduction undertakes making, also can understand the content below to make cate.

Encyclopedia of fleshy fried dish


A lot of people break up fry the beef that come out very hard, bite do not move, want to turn over beef those who fry is fresh and tender and goluptious must shift to an earlier date souse, go against beef first lines has been cut put a bowl in, enter starch again in another bowl, enter beer, irrigate after mix is even in beef, the souse after mix is even breaks up half hours again fry, such turning over fry the beef that come out fresher and goluptious.

Fry the practice of beef:

1. goes against beef first grain cuts silk, enter oyster sauce again, put starch and white sugar, enter a few clear water, the souse after using a hand to catch divide evenly a little while

Oil is entered again after 2. , continue to mix divide evenly, burn boiler again oil is entered after heat, cold oil breaks up into beef fry to become angry can fill go out

3. puts chili silk and dish stalk into boiler again in, Shanghai night net

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Put a few salt to break up fry ripe hind enter beef, break up quickly into soy again fry even.

Encyclopedia of fleshy fried dish

Scalloped pork or lamb kidneys

If scalloped pork or lamb kidneys was not handled good, have easilyForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Fishy smell, and mouthfeel also is met not fresh and tender, after accordingly everybody cuts good scalloped pork or lamb kidneys again, need white vinegar, in water is being put after catching divide evenly, immerse, immerse ten minutes to come commonlyLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Quarter, immerse break up again after haemorrhage water fry, not only delicate fishy smell, and special tastily fresh and tender.

Fry the practice of scalloped pork or lamb kidneys:

1. main half-and-half dissections, inside take out white part, cut beautiful knife again, cut agglomerate account, immerse with water repeatedly later rinse

Enter water after 2. in boiler, yellow rice or millet wine is entered after be being burned, put scald of scalloped pork or lamb kidneys again a little while fish out, againForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Oil enters boiler in, put into Jiang Mo and dry chili

3. puts onion silk to break up fry moment, enter scalloped pork or lamb kidneys, break up after frying moment, flavor with salt, enter a few yellow rice or millet wine, unripe smoke break up fry a minute or so can.

Encyclopedia of fleshy fried dish

Pork liver

Rich iron element is contained inside pork liver, because this can be the iron element with compensatory and enough body, effective precaution and cure are anaemic, be in nevertheless break up before frying pork liver, must enter white vinegar first, reoccupy leach bubble is a short while, in after immersing, be being put in tap water, clean ceaselessly, through handling the pork liver later so, break up after frying particularly fresh and tender and delicate.

Fry the practice of pork liver:

1. puts pork liver first 9 hours immerse inside clear water, later again fish out is rinsed clean cut an account, put into the bowl, mix into cooking wine be born smoke

2. puts salt, mix quarter of the souse after divide evenly comes half hours, after washing chili clean again, cut agglomerate, burn boiler again hot1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Oil is entered after, put into pork liver

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3. breaks up quickly fry to after becoming angry, fill piece, enter a few oil again, put ginger garlic end, break up red pointed any of several hot spice plants is put after frying a fragrance, put a few salt again, pour pork liver

4. breaks up a few gourmet powder is put to flavor after frying moment can fill piece.