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Potato chips is a kind of more delicate practice, a lot of other peoples have oven now, can make tinfoil bake potato chips with oven, other a few dressing also can be put when doing, e.g. Zi like that, chili face, peppery face salt is waited a moment, taste exceedingly delicate, put in oven directly generally speakingSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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The face can be baked make 20 minutes or so, next above scatter on a few sweet green.

Tinfoil bakes the practice of potato chips

Tinfoil bakes the practice of potato chips

1, be about to prepare necessary data above all, these material are about to include the and so on of a few other tools such as tinfoil, potato, oven, prepare material ability to begin to make only.

2, begin to cut potato skin namely again, next potato abluent, reoccupy knife cuts one flake, notice here is not cut too thick or too thinly, just good OK.

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3, be warm-up oven next. Warm-up oven is made more even to let food bake namely and sweeter, it is OK to had better choose warm-up ten minutes or so.

4, begin to bake dish of tinfoil on the shop namely again, again together piece potato chipsShanghai Long Feng forum

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Put silver paper above, in scatter above potato chips on1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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A few flavor such as peppery, chili, salt.

5, send oven directly namely next, bake make 20 minutes or so. When bake make about the same when take, put sweet onion next, so simple tinfoil potato chips was finished. Love Shanghai is the same as city forum

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6, above is small make up what what introduce how to make the potato chips that bake with tinfoil. Contain rich carbolic water tomato patch, also do not want overfeeding nevertheless, right amount have ability good to the body

Tinfoil bakes the practice of potato chips

Practice 2


Potato chips, hemp is hot barbecue expects

Tinfoil bakes the practice of potato chips


1, the potato chips drop that has washed does moisture;

2, asperse makings of hemp hot barbecue in the; on the potato chips that has brushed edible oil

3, put the potato chips that scatters good condiment oven, 180 ° , 10 minutes, I do not have warm-up, because oven is different,so time is mixed on temperature may somewhat difference.