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Balsam pear is a kind of very common food, although balsam pear sends suffering, but nutrient dispute often abounds, balsam pear handleless cup contains many protein and the many vitamin that human body needs, often eat balsam pear to still can enhance the immune power of person body, the practice of balsam pear also is rife, balsam pear can feed material to undertake collocation with a lot of kinds, balsam pear collocation feeds capable person differently, has nutrient value also is different, what is the practice of balsam pear of that plum bubble?

What is the practice of plum bubble balsam pear?

The practice of plum bubble balsam pear


White balsam pear (go seed) 1, jiang Pian 20 fair grams, colloquial plum 3, chopped green onion 15 fair grams, small fish does 10 fair grams, soy 2 big spoon, candy 1 teaspoon, rice wine 1 big spoon, salt 1 teaspoon, pepper a few

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1, colloquialism Mei Qie end reserves

2, in bowl rolling water is being put after Bai Yu balsam pear cuts chip, rejoin salt quick-boil is very hot reserve.

3, heat having pot is oily, put small fish flower of dry, Jiang Pian, very light blue is fried sweet, join balsam pear piece, soy, water is burned boil

4, join colloquial plum end, rice wine, candy to burn boil to receive juice, rejoinSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Light green flower, pepper is fried mix equably

5, remove boiler to contain finished product dish can finish.

What is the practice of plum bubble balsam pear?

How much does balsam pear eat one day appropriate

A day of amount that takes balsam pear does not exceed had better. The advantage that often takes balsam pear has a lot of, but if the edible result of a day of excessive is natural,be just the opposite to what one wished, control is so good into appetite very be necessary. General the quantity that one the world will come to to eat balsam pear does not exceed 200 grams to control had better, a week eats balsam pear 2-3 second can.

Balsam pear eats much meeting have loose bowels

Eat as to balsam pear much can have loose bowels because of the person different, wronger to taste function confluence appears very easily the circumstance of have loose bowels. Because balsam pear sex is cold, excessive edible hurts taste very easily to bring about diarrhoea.

Additionally cold to taste empty crowd also does not suggest one-time eat too much, if have taste unwell case,fall should instantly out of service. Although balsam pear has hairdressing to raise colour, the action such as diuresis of subsidence of a swelling, daily also a lot of females can use balsam pear to reduce weight, but cannot blind edible, should find those who suit oneself to reduce weight method more benefit at healthy insusceptible.

What is the practice of plum bubble balsam pear?

The effect of balsam pear and action

The effect of balsam pear and action Qing Dynasty are hot alexipharmic

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Melon can in purify heart irritated heat, the toxin eduction inside body, balsam pear used cold and dressed with sause to had better not pass, suchForum of Shanghai night net

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Can withhold the vitamin that balsam pear place contains, the meeting below the circumstance that fries because of Qing Dynasty brings about composition of nutrition of a lot of vitamins to be lost in great quantities,

Hairdressing is raised colour

Often eat balsam pear to be able to help the skin enhance vigor, maintain cutaneous delicate and smooth condition. Can pound juice with fresh balsam pear daily or decoct soup, painful to having irascibility bare eye, gastral cavity and the crowd with dysenteric damp and hot is very good auxiliary dietotherapy method. Additional, the summer grows the crowd of prickly heat easily to also can eat balsam pear more, Forum of Shanghai noble baby

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Place of prickly heat of inunction of balsam pear juice, can accelerate recovery.

Fall blood sugar

Balsam pear soup is very pretty good fall blood sugar feeds capable person, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks bitter sex of balsam pear flavour is cold cool, can clear hot detoxify, except irritated relieve a cough, make its and mussel pork soup water edible together,

Raise hematic grow liver

Bitter sex of balsam pear flavour is cold, ripe hind the gender is lukewarm, eat fire of have diarrhoea of balsam pear clear hot weather raw to be able to solve heat to divide irritated, ripe eat balsam pear to be able to raise hematic grow liver, embellish is lienal the action such as filling kidney, but cannot one-time eat too much, in order to avoid acrid the energy of life that causes scathing lienal lung. Proper and right amount edible is optimal.