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The nutrient value of corn is compared all the time tall, and many maltose is contained inside corn, actually corn is treasure corn all over, can use not only eat, corn still must be the Chinese traditional medicine of a kind of rare, mostly1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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When several people are eating corn, metropolis choice grinds corn pulverize, use the move that boil to eat, make corn paper paste to taste exceeding preserve one’s health, so what effect does corn syrup have?

 The action of corn syrup

Natural corn syrup is from corn bead is extracted directly. In the pulp that will call corn starch above allSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Layer from cortical and inside plumule layer is detached. Deposit corn starch next in tun, add natural enzymatic decompose its dextrose. It is these candy are heated and change becomes syrup.

Corn syrup almost with saccharic and same sweet, because this often is in food,be become to make substitute. The corn syrup with lighter color, often use at producing candy, and color is deep commonly used carbonado at treatment earth up food. Light color form has vanilla taste, brunet syrup has more powerful natural taste.

Compare with candy photograph, the advantage of corn syrup is to fight crystallization. The lollipop that makes with corn syrup can carry glossy quality of a material, but the similar candy that makes with pure candy can transform hard sugar. In addition, add into cake or chocolate, it also can prevent crystallization.

 The action of corn syrup

Light color and brunet syrup have balanced dextrose, fructose, malt let them maintain chemical stability with dextrorotation. Nevertheless, although food can be machined to search in great majorityLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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To, but the syrup of tall fructose corn that is put in bigger dispute (HFCS) sells customer directly rarely.

The treatment process that syrup of tall fructose corn compares common corn syrup is much. Above all, want to add α1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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– amylase, saccharify is enzymatic with dextrose different compose enzymatic these 3 kinds are enzymatic, transform starch into dextrose and fructose. Later, add pure dextrose, byForum of Shanghai night net

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Mix fructose and dextrose according to certain proportion and make end item. Syrup of tall fructose corn has different fructose – dextrose mixes scale, be like 90-10, 42-43 and 55-45. Because corn of allowance of American Ministry of Agriculture is produced, but to importing candy levy, because this is tall,fructose corn syrup turns a lot of acquiesce that process food into sweet taste agent.

Manufacturing business firm the syrup of tall fructose corn in weighing food is healthy like sucrose, and economic tax cost still can lower homebred food price. Nevertheless research discovers, the food that eats to bandicoot in the lab uses agent of this kind of sweet taste continuously, can cause serious and healthy problem. The other candy such as sucrose can by human body every cell is addedForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Labour processing, but fructose must be decomposed in liver. After period of time, liver may contain this kind of a large number of sugar because of food and laden and overweight.

 The action of corn syrup

A few people say syrup of tall fructose corn gaining ground is an economics problem, but also somebody points out, domestic corn industry almost forestall market of agent of commercial sweet taste. Other country waits in Mexico, process food with sucrose all the time. Accordingly, afraid to syrup of tall fructose corn person had better check food tag, looked to whether use sweet taste agent.