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Purslane feeds material this kind to believe a lot of people had not seen, more the officinal value that does not know it, raise part with respect to the run that can cause us to cannot use purslane so. To diarrhoea this is planted symptom, our edible purslane is to be able to alleviate of have loose bowels, because purslane can alleviate,basically be of intestines and stomach wriggle, dominate the result such as diarrhoea, if compare serious diarrhoea or need,have treatment through antidiarrheal content.

Can purslane treat diarrhoea

People appears in the body have loose bowels when often can have a few remedy, for example fluorine Pai is acerbity, or a few have diarrhoea stand stop this kind of medicaments, but if there are these medicamentses inside the home when, people also can use a few other methods to come hemostatic, for example after people washs crural ministry clean with hot water, 2Shanghai noble baby communicates an area

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The hand is pressed in crural ministry massage gently above acupuncture point, the massage of crural ministry circulates to the blood of the abdomen of people for, having very good effect, can stop effectively of have diarrhoea, in pullFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Abdomen when people can try.

Measure / method:

1, this kind of thing is in purslane when treating the have loose bowels of people, can not treat the condition of have loose bowels of people only, and a few inflammation that to people bowel are OK also and effective low-key, Shanghai noble baby

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When treating people have loose bowels with purslane, people still needs to use a few garlic.

Can purslane treat diarrhoea

2, the purslane with picked outdoors when, people needs the above insect purslane or a few other dirty things are cleaned clean, next people needs to heat one boiler boiled water, will picked the purslane scald that come, in scald purslane when, can be in1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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A few salt are put among water.

3, after good scald purslane drop does moisture, put in the bowl to becomeShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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In fully cool, this moment after people rises garlic leather take out, and of dolly, people can put the garlic of dolly between purslane, this moment is to use a chopstick to mix can use, eat such purslane to be able to treat the have loose bowels of people body.


Can purslane treat diarrhoea

When people body occurrence have loose bowels when, as a result of,also may be catch a cold, people should not be eager to taking medicine, the have loose bowels that people wants to judge his is why to be planted circumstance, peopleForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Can see him eduction.