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The nutrient value of black soya bean is very tall, conduce to again absorb, promote digest, so a lot of people are eating black soya bean via regular meeting at ordinary times, nevertheless everybody needs to notice, concerning the effect at black soya bean is very much, commonner is black soya bean may encounter toxic phenomenon when eat, so everybody can become very afraid, also do not know how to should eat ability to be helpful for healthy, will look below eat black soya bean raw is the meeting toxic?

 Eat black soya bean raw the meeting is toxic

Value of nutrition of black soya bean is very rich

1, black soya bean has character of high protein, low caloric, its protein content is as high as 36 % – 40 % , be equivalent to the flesh kind of content 2 times, of the egg 3 times, 1 of milkLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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2 times;

2, contain a lot of18 kinds of amino acid, especially human body must 8 kinds of acid content, more qualitative than the high protein that American FDA sets level is high still.

3, black soya bean still contains 19 kinds of oil, not saturated acid content amounts to 80 % , absorptivity is as high as 95 % above, be opposite except can contented human body outside adipose need, still have the effect of the cholesterol in reducing blood.

4, do not contain cholesterol basically because of black soya bean, contain plant sterol only, and plant sterol is not absorbed to use by human body, have however restrain human body to absorb cholesterol, reduce cholesterol to be in blood the action of content.

5, often eat black soya bean, can bate is hemal, moist skin, defer consenescence, be opposite especially hypertensive, heart disease, and the disease of the respect such as liver and artery has profit.

 Eat black soya bean raw the meeting is toxic

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Actuating pressure is great, empty of easy occurrence body is lack of power state. Want to enhance vigor and vigor, according to view of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, filling kidney is very important. Cheap honest black soya bean, it is a kind of quite useful filling kidney is tasted. In the basisForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Cure is academic, “The beans is the cereal ” of kidney, black belongs to water, water walks along kidney, black soya bean is so great to the functional benefit of kidney.

7, the lecithin that 2 % still contain in composition of black soya bean. This kind of material can beneficial of be good at head wisdom.

8, the material that one kind contains to be able to carry function of cell of tall aggrandizement head in black soya bean

9, content of the microelement in black soya bean also is the richest in general food, the content that waits like glucoside of zinc, copper, magnesian, molybdenum, Selenium, fluorine, black is very high. These elements can satisfy cerebrum to be opposite the demand of minim material, anile to deferring airframe, reduce blood to stick sluggish to spend etcForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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10, black soya bean is right yearLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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For small woman, still hairdressing is raised colour effect. Black soya bean contains rich vitamin, among them E is mixed content of vitamin of B a group of things with common features is highest, the content of vitamin E compares the flesh kind tall 5-7 times. Vitamin E is the material with a kind of quite important green and strong and handsome maintenance.

11, abroad is advocated take the thick bread that contains bran, namely ” of food of alleged ” black, the purpose is to raise the content of the crude fibre in food. And the crude fibre content in black soya bean is as high as 4.05 % , can achieve the goal of the crude fibre in providing food.

12, black soya bean contains a lot of fighting oxidation composition, the most special is element of different yellow ketone, Love Shanghai is the same as a city

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Cyanine element, can defer ageing

Pharmacodynamics studies the result shows, black soya bean is had raise action of shade filling gas, it is strong and nourishing food

 Eat black soya bean raw the meeting is toxic

Black soya bean reduces weight: Black soya bean is thoroughlied cook, take with all sorts of methods.

For example, pulverize, add rub of polished glutinous rice to become a round mass of food, regard as mug-up, can disappear be hungry reduces fat. Perhaps distribute food also but. A day of intake is 20-30 grain

13, at present coffee of very faddish black soya bean, with 3: The scale of 1 is comprehensive black soya bean and coffee pink, correct acid of painful, shoulder, reduce weight, fall blood pressure is very significant, also appeared even yoghurt of noodle of ice-cream of banger of black soya bean, black soya bean, black soya bean, black soya bean